Inspiral Prop Descriptions


"Poi" literally means ball on a cord and originates with the Maori tribe of New Zealand but is also influenced by modern dance.
Men, women and children have used the art to increase dexterity, coordination, flexibility, and strength for thousands of years. Poi create beautiful circular patterns of ribbons, fire or light all around the dancer's body mesmerising the audience.


Visually similar to poi with one length of ribbon creating circular patterns around the dancer.


Hoop dancing is hula-hooping like you've never seen before! Spiralling, turning and gyrating the hoop around every inch of the body creates a sexy and fun dance delighting the audience.
Hooping is the most exciting new form of exercise. Excellent for strengthening the core, increasing coordination, and creating a sense of calm and confidence in the body and mind whilst also having great fun!


Fans are one of the most graceful forms of fire dancing. They allow the freedom to incorporate many different styles of dance and creative expression into a performance. Beautiful to watch.


The fire orb gives the illusion of dancing with a ball of fire.


The dancers create elegant swirls and poses with the Isis Wings adding a spectacular impact to the performance.


Flags are large pieces of weighted fabric that use similar movements to spinning poi. Flags come in different shapes and sizes and are a good option for daytime events.


LED and UV shows are equally as impressive as fire. Available in flashing colour changing poi and LED hoops.

Inspiral would be happy to suggest the best options for your event.